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Borderz Importz

Only the finest!

Borderz Importz brings some of the finest tasting spirits to the United States. From the hills of Jalisco, Mexico, Borderz Importz brings you some of the finest tequilas around. Margaritas are nothing without El Chiwahwah. There are few that can compete with the taste and quality of El Nacimiento tequilas. We invite you to taste the finest and look forward to expanding our line of imports in years to come.


Time is of the essence. The finest tequilas come aged Blue Agave plants in Jalisco, Mexico. Borderz Importz brings to you the finest tequilas from this aged agave. For a special treat, try one our Reposado or AƱejo varieties to experience the best tequilas aged in American Oak Barrels. Our finest tequilas have been aged to perfection, in field or a barrel – your choice.

“This is the best tequila I’ve ever had!”

-Sam Sanchez, CEO SamCo Enterprises
Third Coast Hospitality Group

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